Wednesday, February 13, 2013

tough luck . . .

I assume it has something to do with when all the doorknobs were stripped off the doors. There's a reason I keep a knob on a spindle in all the rooms, which is made even more funny as a requirement of our 203k loan was that the doors get doorknobs. Ummm, yeah...
Salvaged corner cabinet will be
installed for linens
where we're starting from

However, despite our house's sense of humor, work on the laundry has started. And, like any project, it all starts with making a huge mess.

Although it wasn't part of the plan, yesterday we took the door off it's hinges - we had thought we'd need to plane down the bottom edge, but it turns out we have another door that swings the right way that already had the bottom hacked off to accommodate the carpet that used to be in that room. We're hoping we can just switch the two doors to minimize door brutality. That's probably optimistic, but I can dream. I also did a second pass on scraping the last of the black linoleum adhesive from the pine floors. I had done the hot water soak and scrape a while ago, but there were still some remnants around the edges as I stupidly built the partition walls BEFORE I took on the adhesive. Putting down the thinset and hardibacker couldn't happen since I was waiting for the floors to dry, so I scrubbed the original bits of plaster and moldings and primed what I could. Nothing particulary picture worthy, but tomorrow will hopefully bring more progress.

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