Thursday, February 7, 2013

objects in the mirror are worse than they appear

So, I promised more pictures, and I will indeed overwhelm you with the horror in a minute. Before I do that, I've been thinking about what I actually intend to do with this thing. After a century of abuse I think the house deserves a fan club, that's basically the long and short of it. The house is a long way from needing any sort of "styling," and you likely wouldn't enjoy my sense of style anyhow, unless 100 pound antique typewriters, ragged taxidermy (my grandfather was a hunter and gunsmith, I was into it long before the hipsters got their hornrims into the act), and enormous pieces of broken furniture are your thing too. That leaves building, which I'm certainly no expert at either. So instead, expect a mix of proper restoration done by diyers mixed with madcap art projects under the guise of restoration. We probably need parental supervision, instead we have a couple of friendly contractors that egg us on.

 As an aside, the ad where two morons are smashing a kitchen with sledgehammers in an effort to get you to go to Lowes is on right now. People are sick . . .

 These are some of the interiors from before closing, and things naturally got worse before they got better.


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  1. Well at least you no longer have to go through 5 doors to get upstairs


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