Saturday, October 31, 2015

filling the house...

Well, long time no see huh?  It may come as no surprise to some of you what we've been up to, being that it seems that any female blogger of a certain age who disappears for a period of time is either selling their house, getting divorced, or happier in our case, having a baby.

Drawn by yours truly, the whole menagerie is represented....

Well, as you can see from our announcement postcards, our Toren was supposed to arrive today.  Much to our dismay he just couldn't wait, and arrived on the 18th.  He and I spent a week in the hospital, but are home now and much improved.  This is the first Halloween there hasn't been extensive decorating and pumpkin carving happening, and I certainly hope it's the last.  

There are countless posts waiting to be written, and I'm far too private a person for this to become yet another mommy blog, so bear with me just a few more weeks.

Happy Halloween!