Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a very Pleasant Home

Ahhh, and here we arrive at my favorite of all.  The mysteriously deserted 1897 Pleasant Home, designed by George Maher.  Perhaps I'm just partial to the gratuitous use of light bulbs after hearing the story of Westinghouse supplying them for the 1893 Chicago World's fair (all 200,000 were shipped out from just below our house for weeks prior to the Fair).  A house this theatrical should not feel quite so comfortable, and yet, it does...  Incidentally, it was the only house free to tour, and yet, still empty.  You'll notice that upstairs is not fully restored and being used at display space.  IF I remember correctly, the historical society hopes to move out to another location if funds permit, and finish the restoration.


yes, the docent let me roll back the rugs.  Three cheers for awesome people!

the original carriage house, long demolished


Luke, the adventure dog...