Wednesday, July 27, 2016

keep it simple stupid

Work keeps getting done, and I keep not posting about it.  So instead of being overwhelmed by the backlog, here's what I did today.

Bought this for 40, almost walked away because the shades (the only reason I was interested) were weirding me out - too thick, awkwardly sized with the iridized interior not continuing to the fitter rim.  Until I start selling fixtures again I can't obtain any more pan fixtures, they seem to multiply like stray kittens once they reach my basement, so the shades needed to be special.

As it turns out, the shades are the real mccoy, Nuart art glass, produced by Imperial Glass in Ohio, with production beginning in 1912.  They'll find a good home here, the poor fixture will be hitting the road at some point (don't worry, I won't send it off dirty and naked)....

It's been a bit of a pity party around here.  The surgery was far worse than I was expecting (who knew they'd hook you up to a ventilator for a one hour surgery), so I've been moping about, and forbidden from even picking up my kid let alone doing any work.  You'd think I'd be appreciating the extra time to write, but apparently, not so much.