Sunday, December 25, 2016

happy merry everything

This fall and winter have been busy.  All of the holidays that matter have piled up upon one another (I didn't even tell you that we had the kid's first birthday luau in the finished schoolhouse), and in just this next week we have Hanukkah, Christmas, HAMukkah and New Years.  So happy everything friends!

On a less festive note, while on our way to capture a Christmas tree our car was totaled.  While thankfully everyone involved was fine, we weren't quite ready to part with the car, or the money for it's replacement.  Where this leaves the porch fund is anyone's guess, and it's something we'll just have to figure out in the new year.  Nonetheless, meet Hagrid, our Expedition EL, and officially the newest used car I've ever owned, not to mention the biggest.   Lets just put it this way...  I can fit whole sheets of blueboard and plywood in the trunk, and we could have towed the whole schoolhouse home with it.

I hope your holidays were much less dramatic, and that if you find new cars in the driveway they were left there by Santa.  Many thanks for reading and sticking with me through these past few years, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

in watercolor

Some of you may know that little old Thornfield won Old House Journal's spine contest a month back!  A perk of this was a custom house portrait by Rob Leanna.  The portrait is here, and it's beautiful.  In fact, it looks like one of the hand colored drawings from a period builders catalog, which is pretty much perfect...