Sunday, June 5, 2016

how d'ye do and shake hands

Apparently our house is slow to warm up to people, as she only formally introduced herself to us yesterday.

I'd like to introduce you to Thornfield, the prickly sounding title of the home of John G. Kelly.

The irony is that the name was staring us in the face all along, as it's the name of this section of Edgewood on the plat books.  

Thornfield, the Edgewood home of J.G. Kelly

Thornfield, the Edgewood home of John G. Kelly

So while we won't be renaming the blog, we will be relishing this rather magical development.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

so much for the good year

I was promised a good year.  After the hell of 2015, and not so great previous years, this was to be the one we were waiting for.  The kid was here, safe and sound.  I was mostly recovered from the insanity of pregnancy/surgery/newborn, there was money in the bank to start the porch.  The world was looking up.

Now, there has been stuff going on that isn't pertinent to the blog that has caused some setbacks to this goal, mostly financial, obviously.  But when a gallbladder gone rogue makes me spend the last day of a conference mini vacation in the ER, things get personal. The pain was so sudden, and so crushing I was certain I was the Wicked Witch of the West and a house had been dropped on me. I have an appointment with a surgeon in two weeks, and while the thought of another attack is terrifying, so is the thought of another surgery and recovery (and hospital bills).  At the moment, even if I felt well enough to climb a ladder to work, I'm too afraid to do so.  And just mowing the lawn wipes me out, let alone entertaining a 7 month old all day.

To top things off, when we got home there were two violation notices waiting for us (that time of the year again).  One being for having things on the side porch (well, duh, I do all my work there you idiots), and the especially aggravating one, for unsanitary yard conditions.  The thing of it is, I had mowed, weeded, pruned and planted the day before the supposed inspection!  If I had been a better blogger I'd have had pictures to prove it.  But alas....

And to think that I had only gotten one week into painting season...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

a very Pleasant Home

Ahhh, and here we arrive at my favorite of all.  The mysteriously deserted 1897 Pleasant Home, designed by George Maher.  Perhaps I'm just partial to the gratuitous use of light bulbs after hearing the story of Westinghouse supplying them for the 1893 Chicago World's fair (all 200,000 were shipped out from just below our house for weeks prior to the Fair).  A house this theatrical should not feel quite so comfortable, and yet, it does...  Incidentally, it was the only house free to tour, and yet, still empty.  You'll notice that upstairs is not fully restored and being used at display space.  IF I remember correctly, the historical society hopes to move out to another location if funds permit, and finish the restoration.


yes, the docent let me roll back the rugs.  Three cheers for awesome people!

the original carriage house, long demolished


Luke, the adventure dog...