Thursday, February 14, 2013

the weather man lied

it turns out I'm putting to much time
into this to be happy with the mismatch,
also, it's the first thing you see as you
come up the stairs
Today was supposed to be warmish and sunny, and since it wasn't, I lost all motivation to set up the tile saw. Mind you I could have found 42 other things to work on, instead I decided the mismatched pedestals weren't going to cut it for me. After our washer and dryer were discontinued the pedestals - which we had been undecided about buying - became tough to find. At first we weren't going to get them, too expensive, and of questionable utility. But since the vibration of the washer has me concerned about the plaster moldings and ceiling in the living room below, we decided they may be worth a try - also, rags, the drawers will be awesome for rags and dropcloths. A month ago there were no matching pedestals for a reasonable price, so we bought a different color that was on clearance. Although they look nice, it was going to bug me, so I arbitrarily did a search for matching ones today. Low and behold, the world came through for me. One in the area at Sears outlet, and one on Ebay. The Outlet one was pretty beat up for it's $150 price tag, so the manager sold it to me for $25. So points for Sears, Electrolux on the other hand tried to sell me a vial of touch up paint for $25 not including shipping. There was a time appliances came with touch up paint, I am less than pleased, and think I'll be living with the chips.

found in the awesome (not original) closet that
lost it's life in the staircase rebuild - it had
a trapdoor and secret room

Also, happy Valentine's day . . . .

More importantly, wish my dog a happy birthday.

More tomorrow, I promise . . . .

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