Wednesday, February 6, 2013

everything looks better in photos

This wasn't the house we set out to buy when we first decided to move.  The house we lusted after had been an early Italianate that had a full Arts and Crafts remodel at the turn of the century, and still retained all of those carpets, wallpapers, sun porches and woodwork (not to mention 3 story carriage house).  That deal was not to be, and despite our only criteria being a house built before 1925 in it's original state (condition didn't matter), we ended up with a house that had it's original grand stair ripped out, first floor reconfigured,  missing porch (which we didn't know at the time) etc etc etc...

On the other hand, the house made a very convincing argument - buy me because no one else will and the owner is interested in tearing me down.  Reason prevailed 

As much as I'd like to show you pictures of what we almost bought, lets take a look at what we got ourselves into (maybe just the exterior today, and interior tomorrow?).







  1. whoa mama you guys are awesome

    1. hey you! make it up for the family thing in the summer and you can stay with us!


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