Monday, February 11, 2013

catching up is hard to do . . .

As much fun as it is to revisit the past, I'll be starting finish work on the laundry tomorrow, so I'll give you a brief run down on how we got to where we're at. Although we're trying to do an accurate restoration, we'd also like to make sure the house is "livable" as far as future owners are concerned - not so much for resale as for keeping the house from decaying again once we're dead and gone. That said, this bedroom is paying the price. When we bought the house, this room (which was likely the "master") had been chopped up into a kitchen that had never been finished, had one wall completely rotted from where a window had been removed and never patched, a drop ceiling rat super-highway, and cat urine soaked asbestos tile floors.

this 50's steel sink had never
been installed - it's awesome
and is now installed in our
office kitchenette
this door now opens into the
laundry, the dark spot is urine
revealed as we took up the tile,
the plaster ceiling was all that
was left after we removed the
dropped ceiling below it

Although this was the biggest/nicest bedroom, it was the only one that lent itself to the chop - and it will become a laundry room, walk in closet and someday, a master bathroom. Luckily, we have eight other bedrooms to toy with.

red = fireplace, blue = windows

In the laundry room we will have a teal electrolux washer and dryer (got them 80% off retail), a stained glass window that will let light in from the bathroom window behind it, a hex tile floor (the proper unglazed rectified type), and a salvaged built-in linen cabinet. We may put up beadboard on the lower walls - I had nice inch thick beadboard I meant to put up before plastering, but I forgot about it and plastered the full wall. I don't have the clearance to install it on top of the plaster as the washer and dryer wouldn't fit, so if I put up anything it would be the thin modern stuff. We'll see I guess. There's also some salvaged baseboard to clean up, and a gas light to rewire. We have some antique tin we intend to put up as well, but that'll wait till we circle back around. Cement board will go in tomorrow hopefully, and I'll take some pictures for you then.

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