Wednesday, September 18, 2013

bell of the barn

Still slow here, are you surprised yet? Eaves are built, plywood is up on the roof along with the wrap, and the frames for the windows have been made and are installed. Over the next couple of days the windows will go in, the shingles will go up on the roof, and the trim that will divide the vertical from the horizontal siding will get installed. Timing-wise it looks as though we may have to wait a few weeks before we can slate the cupola roof . . . At least the bell has scaled the gable to its final home!

And yes, the pictures are horrible, the sun and glare were conspiring against me. Oh well . . .


  1. Impressive. I would have been very nervous watching them carry that bell up the ladders.

    1. I was actually doing a happy dance - the bell is not nearly as heavy as it looks, I was more worried about the ancient ladders of ours they were on giving way...


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