Tuesday, September 10, 2013

glass slides of Baywood

I did manage to find a few pictures of the glass slides mentioned in the previous post (only a few of the interior though sadly), so for your viewing pleasure . . .

The grounds in winter

The master bedroom

Walls and turrets around property, I don't think these exist any longer. The woman in white may be Sarah Cordelia King, Alexander King's wife or Mildred Kelly King, Robert's wife and J.G. Kelly's daughter (we know that Robert was the one that added the castle-like features to Baywood)

The formal gardens

The solarium/orangery

The grounds in summer

Robert and Mildred again, I think I love this photo enough to post it on every post. Just look at Robert's pose, the moorish interior, the SNOWY OWL in the background . . . Through the doorway you can see the gold room, photos of it restored are in the previous post.

And just because every house needs its own postcards . . .


  1. Solariums give me a chill. They seem bizarre and mysterious, but I can't not look.

    1. Sadly, the lack of maids and gardeners would quickly turn a space like that into something one raccoon short of my own personal Grey Gardens.

  2. I bet the swastika disappeared rather quickly in the 30's.....

    1. I'm sure it was. Sadly, shortly after Mildred and Robert passed away, most everything else went away too - that's one auction listing I would love to track down.


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