Wednesday, October 2, 2013

fall is upon us

Fall is upon us like a ton of bricks. I'm sure everyone with a house wide open to the critters and elements is feeling just a bit more stressed with every leaf that turns. Although our game plan for this year was finally closing up the house, a certain little one room schoolhouse put a wrench in those plans.

On the other hand, closing up the schoolhouse looks like it will go much more quickly than planned. We have an old PT Cruiser that has been my hauler for many years, but now that the trained monkey and I work out of the house full time the extra car is just costing us insurance money. Although it's a good little car it's really not worth much, thus when our carpenter's assistant mentioned he wanted to buy it we worked out a deal for a bit of cash (just enough for tires for the Ghia and the rest of the gravel for the schoolhouse floor) and his work putting up the slate and siding (with us working as assistants). The only issue with this is that we won't be able to dry and prep our wood a few pieces at a time (you've seen pictures of the building before we took it down, so you can guess how bad the siding is), but it'll be worth it. The expedited siding installation will mean I should be able to get her painted before winter - which, hilariously enough, would mean that our biggest project to date will be one of the fastest to finish . . .

Although it'll be a straightforward paint job, just prepping and painting the beadboard for the soffits and the louvers (which are pretty much unpaintable once installed) took a week, so I won't say it'll be easy. We're ready for siding now, all we need to do is finish the concrete work around the foundation (we decided to pour a curb all the way around instead of just in the back corner), and prep a bunch of siding. I'll do my best to update and write about all this in more detail before our next round of houseguests . . .

door from removed stair addition
and windows installed
louvers installed and carved ridge beam
about 1/5 of the siding dry and stacked
first of the oak flooring loaded into the rafters
cupola sided and trimmed

Oh, and Lucy wishes you a happy October!

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