Wednesday, April 17, 2013

this is not a real post

No, it's not, I promise. 
Instead, this is a people are so deranged I had to share it with you post...

Now craigslist has treated me VERY well over the years.  I have a system.  It works.  But every so often someone creeps under my radar.  Case in point is a little desk I have posted at the moment.  I have a policy where if I can sell one thing and get something better for the same price I do.  The replacement item is a Limbert #130 desk, it's not in great condition, but hey, it's usable and when else will I get a chance to own an early signed Limbert for God's sake.  NEVER, that's when . . .

Back to the desk I'm selling.  I'm asking $150 (more then I spent on the replacement).  I'll take a bit less obviously.  So today I get an e-mail "I only have $75."  To which I reply "I can do $100 if it helps you out since I want it out soon, but I do have other people looking at it this weekend."  The reply a few minutes later is that it's too much.  Fine ok, no deal.  An hour later they send another message, "what about $65 and they'll pick it up today."  wtf is wrong with people?

As for my tricks?  I check my sections everyday, scrolling till I get to what I last saw.  I send friendly and sincere e-mails with a bit of our house story if applicable, complete sentences and spelling, and if I'll be negotiating hard, a number, a reason, and an apology if they take offence (i.e. I know that's less than it is worth, but it's all we can afford).  If someone mentions they're moving and I've offered a low price I'll say we can even pick it up on moving day if it hasn't sold (that trick got us an enormous, fully restored antique parlor organ for 1/10 of asking).  Pay cash, and make it clear you'll pay cash in your e-mail. Try to make it there as soon as is convenient for the seller, and show up on time.
by popular demand (I guess it's a real post now)
the perks of being a compulsive craigslister . . . 

As for selling on craigslist?  Do not put your address, e-mail or phone number in a listing ever.  Use e-mails to screen buyers (again, complete sentences, polite, good spelling), I don't even reply to any that don't marginally meet those criteria. In my ad I put at the bottom "cash only please, scammers will be reported."  This has been enormously helpful (and I do indeed report scammers to both craigslist and their e-mail host).  Lastly, other than the obvious be safe admonishments, I provide my general area and my cell phone number to whomever I'm meeting and tell them to call when they're nearby for my exact address.  If people feel this is overboard, they're probably not someone I want to deal with . . .

Hmm, maybe that was a real post, but there are no pictures, so I guess it still doesn't qualify . . .

I'm off to resume scrubbing the grossness that is our vinyl office floor (hopefully usable office = more work done = affording the schoolhouse).  If I don't post again soon it's because my hands have dissolved in whatever caustic mixture I'm using.


  1. Very informative post! Wish you included a picture of the antique parlor organ. Have a great week!

    1. your wish is my command! (just promise not to notice the dust)

  2. I wish Craigslist where I live was as busy as it seems to be in the US or major Canadian cities. We use Kijiji, though, and it's basically the same thing!

    No awesome finds like that organ, though.

    1. In some cities I've lived craigslist is super competitive and expensive - here in western PA though there are lots of great things to be had, and very little competition for them, as far as most people here are concerned it's all just grandma's old stuff . . .


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