Sunday, April 21, 2013

the great garden saga
continues . . .

Honestly, there's not much to report, but my muscles are so sore that there has to be SOMETHING to show for it. So, how about one more garden update till I move back to indoor work (last one for a while, I promise).

We strung up some galvanized cable onto tapcons for the wisteria. The wisteria deserved the attention - I bought it for a dollar at the end of the season a year ago not even knowing if it was alive. I dropped it in the ground, forgot it was there, stacked the pieces of two slate mantles on top of it, neglected it through the drought last summer, and yet, it's still alive and growing. I had thought someone would be selling more of them last year, so I could buy two more for the other brick porch columns, but none showed up for a reasonable price. Does anyone know if wisteria is easy to propagate?

I also got a bunch of plants in the ground in the front yard, including some cosmos, ferns and hostas. Our neighbors up the hill took out a lot of the previous owners overgrown landscaping and are putting in grass - I retaliated by putting in some crimson barberry along the lot line. This way they can mow without my worrying about them veering into my plants. They're nice people, but it took every ounce of self control not to go into a replacement window rant when they talked about getting quotes to replace their original 3 over 1 windows (literally the last original thing on what could be a very cool Prairie style house). I thought about offering to let them borrow a couple of my books on prairie architecture, but I don't think they'd go for it. Luckily their quotes started at $40,000, so I don't think their windows are going anywhere anytime soon!

I had dragged some terracotta chimney liners home from a house that came down, I dug them into the ground, and I think I'll fill them with some potting mix and plant some trailing annuals in them. These are surrounded by the hostas and ferns that haven't made an appearance yet.

I also planted some pots with my red cannas and some annuals (red and purple pansies) - frankly, I'm amazed the cannas have any life left. I dug them well into winter, brought them into the kitchen to clean up before storing, forgot about them, and left them in a plastic bag next to the radiator all winter. Shame on me... The planters that were right at home at our Miami house seem a bit out of place here, I probably should have left them with the in-laws.

Since I had the pickaxe out the trained monkey did some research into how much of a fight the last of the concrete in the old driveway would put up. The answer - not much...

scale-wise these chunks are about 3 x 3

The supervisor was not impressed...

think our other critters are jealous
that only this one gets the cameos?

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