Friday, March 1, 2013

white rabbit white rabbit

Well, more progress has been made on the laundry room.  It's not overly exciting, so I'll spare you the photos that look the same as all the others I've recently posted.

We also had tree trimmers show up at the apartment behind us to trim OUR trees.  These trees and our fence have been part of an ongoing saga with the a-hole behind us (a story for another time when I know you all better perhaps), so we were ready for a fight.  After speaking to the trimmer, who was understanding and totally professional we let him trim the trees.  We may have a tad less privacy this summer, but it wasn't worth the fuss - especially since he'll return to remove a sassafras in the way of our future rebuilt wrap around porch for an unheard of price.  It also made me happy that he immediately recognized it was a sassafras despite it's lack of leaves, and lamented the fact that it had to go because of how unusual they are around here.  We did save a seedling from it though which is happily growing in another spot in the yard.  He also promised not to break a single branch of the original foundation plantings (they were one of the initial clues that something was missing) - a tall order . . .

Perhaps more exciting, our last patient is on the operating table . . .

This is the last of our 1930 salvaged kitchen cabinets that are being cleaned and repainted. My dining room will be thrilled when this is over and done with.

And many thanks to the poor individual in Macedonia who googled "Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck" and found my site.  You made my day.  Thank you.

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