Friday, March 8, 2013

and yet more trim . . .

Hopefully the snow the other day is the last we'll get for the year, but I'll say that the 8 inches combined with no wind made for a beautiful morning before it all started to melt.


We finished up the window trim in the laundry yesterday and it came out quite well, almost stain quality carpentry. We wanted to maximize the depth of the sill because I anticipate miscellaneous stuff accumulating there. So the window framing was taken into account when we built the wall, but we didn't take into account that we'd need to pack out the trim. We only needed to build it out 1/2 inch, which we didn't think would be difficult (our dining room uses this same technique so the trim stands proud of the paneling), but we forgot that 1/2 inch lumber isn't widely available. After much hand-wringing I got lucky and remembered we had a small amount that I kept after demoing some of the 1920's additions, it worked out brilliantly, and highlights just how badly the stained glass needed to be restored.

As for today, I wasn't feeling well, but my trained monkey seems to have sanded and installed the baseboards and caps. I knew I kept one around for something . . . It cracks me up that every house we've salvaged from, as well as our own house has the same sea green molding in at least one room (our nicest fireplace is still that color). We find the color inside our walls too - all the additions made when they split the house use "scrap" for framing, and nearly all of it is sea green beadboard or trim. I much prefer that color to the white paint of today . . .

It's actually feeling like it's close to done in there, but I know that the filling, sanding, priming and painting will eat up a chunk of time, not to mention finishing the built-in and figuring out the door situation. I still need to decide whether or not I'm wallpapering behind the built-in, and if we want to add shoe molding. All that just so we can re-install the washer - then we'll enlist the professionals for the gas line.

So, should I use my 25 cent wallpaper
in the built in, yay or nay?

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