Monday, March 11, 2013

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I've been nattering on about the laundry,
and despite the work that's gone into the room, there's only so many pictures I can post before I lose your attention for good. I also don't want to talk about it much because it broke my heart just a little yesterday. I'm good at lots of things, but as it turns out, wallpapering is not one of them. Admittedly, trying to work in such a confined space (the built-in) might not have been the best way to start, but what's done is done. I thought about lying to you and blaming it on the paper, but then I worried the wallpaper would fall off in spite. So, it's up, it's pretty, and it's in a closet where hopefully its issues will go unnoticed.

Let's change speed then and start talking about the kitchen. When we bought the house no one could understand why I loved it; but it had windows on three sides, it's original hearth and monster chair rail, a swinging butler's door, it's own porch, huge built in, and hopefully had original floors and plaster hiding under the glue down outdoor carpet and dropped ceilings.

We've slowly been picking away at it (and had no running water for 9 months), but it's finally beginning to look like the space we'd envisioned. I'll post project by project descriptions over the next few days as a lead up to our countertop install and plumbing everything from scratch. Much like dryer sheets, I can't wait to buy dishwasher detergent, it's been 2.5 years!

We were inspired by a number of vintage kitchens in working on the space, I've been collecting photos from the internet for years. Now everyone organizes these on Pinterest, but since mine are saved to my hard drive and I don't have the sources, I hesitate to post them there. Instead, I'll post some here just to share what I dream the kitchen will look like someday (the kitchen we're finishing now, much like the staircase, is only semi-permanent). Today, lets see some period kitchens in the colors we're working with (the green is the original wall color, while the woodwork was stained a mahogany color, we will paint the walls yellow inspired by the original paint on our salvage cabinets).

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