Friday, September 19, 2014

back upstairs

As much as finishing the schoolhouse is key this fall, also key is not freezing to death this winter.  Would you believe a pipe going up the center of our house managed to freeze during last year's polar vortex?  We don't need a repeat of that performance.

Now when we bought the house (almost four years ago now), we promptly bought all of our blown-in insulation before the tax credits ended.  Between the gift card offer at Lowes and what we got back on our taxes, we paid less than half price.  Of course, we expected to install it by the following fall, and, of course, we're still not ready to install it this fall, 3 years later.

What we have left to do includes stripping one last room of wallpaper, running electrical for two lights, plastering two rooms, installing baffles in the attic and plywood to hold the insulation back from the attic hatch.  It may seem like a long list, but given how far we've come, it's ceased to terrify me.

We've moved all the insulation and cleaned out the hallway to make room for the work to be done.  Hint - don't store insulation in front of south facing windows for 3 years.  The bags all exploded from the heat.  It was a cataclysmic mess that ended with my mom shoveling it all into contractors bags.  Not the best use of time...  Now I just need to finish stripping wallpaper.

every trash bag is full of insulation
completely filling the tower


  1. Never thought about the possibility of insulation bags exploding ... thanks for the warning, and sorry about the mess at your place.

    It may look like chaos in your hall to some folks, but seasoned old house people see progress and promise.

    1. When the bags first exploded I was certain it was our evil squirrels messing with me again! But it's so nice to see the room cleared out again, it's going to be lovely...


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