Friday, May 10, 2013

spa treatments for inanimate objects

Today ended up not being half bad despite beginning with a bowl of rice. Yeah, you heard me, rice. Actually the rice part began last night, after realizing that in my new blogger eagerness to take decent photos I had left my camera outside, in the rain, overnight. Amazingly, after its starchy spa treatment, it's revived and clicking - disaster averted.

I had hoped to work on a bunch of small things today, but instead ended up going to the first day of the Phipps Conservatory's May Market. Last year I went on Saturday, and not only was it crowded but most of the smaller things that I wanted/could afford were long gone. This year I behaved myself, and came home having spent a whole 2 dollars (3 if you include parking), on a tiny daylily - Night Embers, which has been on my wish list for a while.

night embers (not my plant though)

We had planned on having raised beds made by now (we've earmarked our piles of yellow bricks for that sole purpose), and the plant sale would have been heavenly for vegetables, but oh well, maybe next year. Then, since we had been so good not buying plants, we went to lunch. After we got home we wandered the yard a bit looking for something we felt like doing, but the thunder and lightening nixed our productivity . . . Instead I cleaned a bunch a paint brushes, which wasn't nearly as fulfilling, but at least the plants are enjoying the rain while it lasts . . . Astoundingly, the plants in the side yard are original to the house and used to border the wrap around porch, after several prunings they're finally blooming again.

At least during the thunder it's lovely to finally have an office to work in, especially one with windows on three sides and a sleeping porch! The table top came out nice (and functional, which was its main purpose), it sits on top of an antique industrial drafting table base that we love, and have been waiting ages to be able to use. The desk is a free one (also an industrial castoff) that we never in a million years thought would clean up like it did. But I tried the Howard restore-a-finish (and their wax) that everyone raves about, and lo and behold, this desk is heavily grained quartersawn oak. Still beat up, but in an absolutely beautiful way. I need to do a much more detailed post on the office itself, but until then, some pictures . . .

fir porch boards reborn!
we added the casters to make it tall enough for
the exceptionally tall trained monkey
hello beautiful


  1. Your yard looks beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

    1. Glad I took those pictures yesterday, the storm that blew through last night took its toll on the blooms

  2. Amazing blooms in just the week since I was there. It looks lovely!

    1. missed it by "that" much . . . I'll try to coerce some more into blooming next time your here!


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