Thursday, May 2, 2013

brick by brick by brick

This won't be exciting to you at all . . . But for me, a glorious day indeed . . . The last of the bricks from the stair bump-out demo have been moved to the back yard to await future projects. Our house is looking less and less like a salvage yard every day. Lets start at the beginning (a year and a half ago)!

shortly after we bought her

that caution tape was our only Halloween decor

no longer an illegal three family!
this is after we started the clean up
last cart!

I'm still working on staining the new shingle work on the reconstructed stair cantilever, next post will be full frontal, and you'll get to see just how much more work we have ahead of us . . .


  1. Can't wait to see the after pictures when finished!

  2. This one made me laugh ... we've got a pile of bricks in the basement from when a building in Calgary was torn down that was the same age as our place. I spent weeks chipping old mortar off those suckers so we could use them to rebuild our veranda posts. We're just discussing whether we should leave the ones we have leftover for the new owners, or whether we should take them with us. I think we should take them. The spouse disagrees. LOL

    1. I vote (not that I get a say!), that you leave a few so they can patch things if they come up, but take the rest - I want you to be able to afford beautiful new wallpapers (and taxidermy) to inspire me, which means salvaging as many things as possible to keep costs down while building the new cottage...


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