Friday, August 12, 2016

Driehaus Museum

In clearing out my desktop (it's too miserable here to be doing much of anything else), I realized I never posted the last of the photos from last years Chicago trip.  What should be the most beautiful of the posts is somewhat lacking.  Lets just blame the combination of crowds, dim lighting and stained glass.  It's fairly easy to find excellent overall photos of the sumptuous interiors of the Driehaus Museum, but here are some details of interest (tile, Tiffany and delicious floors especially).  And a tip; make sure you sneak into the opposite sex bathrooms, the woodwork and tile in each is exquisite, and not worth missing just because you have the wrong sex bits.

So, as usual, in no particular order...


  1. That is a really wonderful place. Pretty overwhelming!

    1. There was so much to see (including an astounding Art Nouveau jewelry exhibit) that it was quite overwhelming with the crowds, pause to look at something and a crowd of tourists would crash into you...

  2. Nice photos. You have not posted on your house and garden for a while. Looking forward to seeing how it's all coming along!

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