Friday, August 8, 2014

paint it black

If I learned one thing in Charleston, it's that anything in a garden looks better painted black.  Were it not so late in the summer already I'd be playing out a goth version of Wonderland's Queen of Hearts, only with a black paintbrush instead of red.  Being that we've made little progress on the schoolhouse, that little fantasy will have to wait until next year....

Although we've been getting back into a new routine around here without Jack, I'm too lazy to try and formulate an actual post.  But in an effort to not let the blog whither and die, some pictures from Charleston's Magnolia Plantation...  I still owe them a letter after nearly choking at the sight of the docent walking, and rocking back and forth, on the cracked Victorian hearth tiles (yes, of course I said something) - but other than that it was enchanting, and worth a visit, if only for the adorable petting zoo (I almost took a friendly bantam rooster home in my purse)!





  1. That last photo of the grey black outbuilding is wonderful!!

    It takes time to readjust and figure out how to go forward after one of our critters goes to wait for us at the Bridge. There is no timetable on mourning, and it's different every time. We will wait for you here, if that's what it takes. (Don't think of this as discouraging you from posting dreamy Charleston photos ... exactly the opposite, actually.)

    I don't have the bandwidth to put proper attention to my own blog right now, either. Today's post is a good example of a quick snapshot of life here, and (hopefully) a way to make everyone smile.

    Happy Friday!

    1. Making everyone smile indeed - that picture of Winnie is adorable. And yeah, I was totally enamored with everything about Charleston, although more than a little guilty about how "charming" I found all the slaves quarters to be, including the one in that last photo (in my defense, we're restoring a similar building, so I'll blame it on that)....

  2. Your photos of Magnolia Gardens are incredible! You are right about painting things in the garden black. I painted clothes line posts that were made out of silver spray painted iron pipe a mat black. They seemed to disappear

    1. Thanks Lottie - I think the black elements will help to pull my crazy yard together, but we'll have to wait till next year to see - this summer has just gone by so quickly!


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