Wednesday, June 4, 2014

bees and thieves...

Two swarms in a day, whatever I've done to the Gods to deserve these ongoing plagues I beg their forgiveness, I repent, I REPENT!

So lots of bees, and some nefarious soul decided they needed one of the cobblestones from my front stairs.  Not just any stone, but one that was supporting quite a few of the other stones that made walking up to the house possible.
bottom center, you can still see the squished mud where it sat...

A least no one has stolen my black irises this year.

I somehow forgot to take pictures of the majority of my flowering shrubs this spring (you know, probably because spring lasted about a week this year). Although they were hit hard by this crazy winter, the ongoing pruning and weeding has made them quite lovely and robust, and I'm glad I gave them a few years to recover from the decades of neglect.  The winter also decimated the ivy covering our front berm.  While I'm not a huge fan of it, there are far worse things - for instance, the honeysuckle that I've been on a three year campaign of terror against.  The out of control honeysuckle was one of the main culprits for all the dieback of the original shrubs back when we bought the house, and it's taken the opportunity provided by the mostly dead ivy to come back with a vengeance.  Luckily the ivy's starting to recover, but it will be a long summer weeding...

irises blooming for the first time since
owning the house (divided them last year)

diablo ninebark
delicious mock orange!
I wish I could insert the smell!

Poison ivy?  I guess there's worse things than honeysuckle
I have been doing things other than weeding though, and I'll attempt to provide some photographic proof later this week...


  1. Those black irises are magnificent! I love the smell of mock orange ... ours never did that well at the old place. We tried to take a cutting from our beautifully fragrant white lilacs before we left, but the spouse said it didn't make it through the winter. Probably doesn't matter ... pretty sure they'd never have survived the moose and the deer anyways. They seem to devour most everything.

    1. I wonder how long it would take for the novelty of moose eating my lilacs to wear thin? Faster or slower than bears eating my berries?????

      And those irises, they put all my other plants to shame (although I had to stake them this morning with all the rain we're getting) - that color looks mighty fine on my window sash too...

  2. I have crazy new neighbors who have flood lights at night and video surveillance in this area that probably hasn't had a burglary in decades. However, this would be a nice time to have a video recording of whoever made off with your cobblestone.

    1. Yeah, our neighborhood is the same. I'd rather they had just knocked on my door and I'd have given them the $3 to go buy one. The one they took seems to have been the keystone to the whole damn pile, mortar isn't looking as over-rated as I thought.


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