Friday, May 16, 2014


Just a few updates...  The onset of another week of cool wet weather means I've resumed my contortions in the eaves.  I had hoped to finish today, but the discovery of my cat in there with me, and her subsequent retreat deep into the bowels of the house meant that finishing would risk trapping her in there, so, I didn't.  Fie.  Stripping the kitchen built-in continues to suck my soul dry, there is really no end in sight on that front.

6 of these paneled doors to go
Today found us heading out to a rather fantastic estate sale.  We missed these by 15 minutes... *sob*

antique electroliers, 300 for the lot of 6 with shades
And saw things like boxes of antique Steiff stuffed animals leaving as we went in.  We didn't do too badly though.  Some nice hardware, a tall turned floor lamp, some art and such, books (including P.T. Barnum's, Thirty Years of Hustling) and a lovely huge porch swing. But we left some troops behind folks...

antique china low tank toilet under the barn
That would be an antique china low tank toilet under the barn.  I saw it long after they had wanted to leave for the day, and while they were happy to let me crawl under there to rescue it, it had sunk deep into the mud.  There was simply no way for me to dredge it out with what little time I had.  So I have a humble request for all you locals.  Please save her.  It'll be there waiting Saturday for you, keeping company with the house's original huge multi-light windows.  Bring a trowel and don't wear heels... I promise the house is worth seeing too, you know, if original Victorian kitchens are your thing....

I spy a tub like mine!


  1. OMG, not a Hummel in sight. So jealous. :)

    1. Pittsburgh, where Hummels fear to tread! I'm going to have nightmares of deep squelchy mud though (and that $30 swan rocker that I should have brought home).


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