Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Penelope the towel wench

Our third floor bath seems to have taken a decidedly nautical theme.  Meet Penelope.  She holds towels.

I'm not entirely sure if she's a Victorian original, but she's solid brass, weighs a ton and came out of an old house (Van Dykes Restorers has the reproduction of her here).  She's somewhat grotesque to be perfectly honest, and reminds me of a ship's figurehead - which is obviously fitting given our predilection for pirates.  Paired with an antique double wall-hung livery sink (with original brass fuller taps), navy paint, and a brass and nickel mirror with medicine cabinet (perhaps from a barbershop?) and we have the beginnings of a theme. 

I think this shower curtain will help...

From Urban Outfitters

Now here's to hoping we can find this stuff when we actually start working on this bathroom years from now, because right now, this is the space in question...


  1. I'm loving that livery sink. Penelope I'm not so sure about. ;o)

    1. That sink deserves a post of it's own at some point. As for Penelope (named by the husband when asked what a good bar wench name was), her absurdity is part of her charm


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