Wednesday, December 11, 2013

unwelcome souvenirs

I must be the only person on the planet who gets wretched colds every time I visit someplace warm. This time I don't even know who I got the hitch-hiking germs from... Awful Puerto Rican souvenirs aside, since I'm not likely to be doing any house projects soon, how about some terrible vacation photos (between the bright sun and flash free museum it was a lost cause).

First the buildings, both restored and barely standing . . .

Calle 25 de Enero, with its 39 red and black painted houses given to the firefighters after a historic fire.

Parque de Bombas (Ponce Fire Station)

The mysterious "FAB LAB" whose shop equipment I coveted much to the confusion of my friends...

Coffins on bicycles, and Burtonesque funeral parlors...

And last but not least, the most glorious little art museum I've ever been to, mostly due to its astounding collection of Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood art, and the fact that I had it all to myself (I'm told that the collector of it was mocked for buying art that was old-fashioned). Obviously, these pictures will mean nothing to you as you can see professional photos online - but to me, they prove that I was there, just a nose away from them. No glass, no ropes - I could have fondled them if I had been so inclined!

Flaming June, one of my favorites
Pages and the type from Morris' Kelmscott Press...

And Burne-Jones' unfinished masterpiece, The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon

Now if only I could have bought enough dog food to feed all the staving feral dogs, and hay for the emaciated feral horses my trip would have been complete....


  1. The owner was mocked for buying those paintings? Pages from the Kelmscott Press? OMG, you are one lucky person to have seen all that in person, and without having to deal with throngs of crowds! I'm so jealous... :o)

    1. I'm just glad I found it, who'd have thought a collection like this would have found it's way to a little town in PR?

  2. What a wonderful little museum!

    1. It really was, just the right size to spend time at every piece (and a lot of time at others).


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