Monday, August 19, 2013

house of seven gables no more

It's official, we have a gable! This brings our gable count up to 8. More is better right? I'm sure that's how they calculate property values . . .

It's been slow and steady progress on the school house/carriage house project, but why would I argue with a carpenter who has taken it upon himself to hand notch all the oak supports?

The building still had a bit of a sway after the beams went in, so in an effort to prevent another 20 degree lean 138 years from now we bit the bullet and notched in diagonal cross-bracing, something that was conspicuously missing in the original construction. Now shored up, we should have a roof this week, and our giant pergola will be gone for good (mind you it was supposed to be at the pergola stage so we could eat under it during our family reunion)!

the "pergola"
there seems to be an errant dog toy stranded up there . . .
threshold poured for the door

The threshold, it's sad to think that Wirsing School Road
is missing its school . . .

The windows are progressing, with four sashes done, two intact ones to finish, and four to repair, along with 36 panes of glass left to cut (not including the queen anne window in the gable). I tracked down a bunch of glass over the weekend, including 4 pieces of spectacular old glass (1870's) from a house that's being parted out and demolished (sadly they wanted a fortune for everything I was interested in). Pulling the glass out of the condemned windows is a process in itself, but I should have enough to work with now... At least I don't have to work alone...


  1. The House Of Eight Gables...yes, it still has a ring to it! :)

    1. I just realized I forgot one too, but I'm thinking 9 gables doesn't have the same ring to it.


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